2013 - International Convention


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You don't want to miss this event
2013 International Convention - August 8-11
Receptions - August 7th
Venue: Greensboro Coliseum Complex
Hotel: Sheraton Greensboro/Koury Conv. Center
Phone: 336-292-9161

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If you want to earn professional income you need to have professional training. Our 2013 International Convention in Greensboro, NC. is the place to be if you are serious about building your Market America business. This event will give you SIX MONTHS of training in three days.

There is no way to gain the belief, knowledge, and energy better than the 2013 International Convention. Challenge your thinking, establish you goal, take the right steps and be a part of the Billion Dollar Roll that Market America and SHOP.COM is providing for us! If you don’t have enough tickets for the growth you plan to generate, then you’re playing catch-up for the next six months.

Now’s the time to make your business BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, and EASIER.

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20132 International Convention Gala Tickets are sold out but we may be able to get some!

These Videos Tells It ALL



Joseph S. Koury Convention Center located in the Sheridan Greensboro Hotel At The Four Seasons.
Day time event will be held at

There is a airport in Greensboro, NC
You will need transportation to get to the different venues and hotels. Things are spread out in the town



Wow Team, here are the convention video presentations. These are great for sending to key people by email. You can select and send individual sessions too. A great way to viral market and get people that were not there stimulated or to wake up as well as get them committed to World Conference now. It will also be on MA TV and Unfranchise.

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