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Motives Beauty Advisor Qualifying Questions
We put together a document that you can send to your Motives prospects to learn more about the Motives opportunity.

HBP Invite Document
Here is an example of a HBP (Home Business Presentation) invite that can be edited and also allows you to add your own text.

Using Expos and Events To Grow Your Business
We put together a great selection of tips, brochures, documents and information on how to use "EXPOS & EVENTS" to grow your business.

Momentum Sheet - Building Momentum: Implementing 10-3-2 or 3-1-2 System

Online Shopping Survey

Anti Aging Survey

Stress Survey

Basic 5 Check List
Basic 5 check list this will help you stay on course all week and we can focus on how your week ended and on your goals for the following week

Base 10 Seven Strong
The best way to explain how much money we can make monthly

Making Your Names List
A If your not sure how to create your names list, this will definitely show you how to find people around you. They're there, you just need to see them.

Goals Chart
Nothing happens in life unless you first have a thought or a goal, the next step is to take action! Think about what do you want to accomplish in your life this year…
• Write it out
• Share it
• and IMPLEMENT it
What is the worst thing that can happen, life will stay the same!

Your FORTUNE Is In The Follow Up
Most business owners are good at pitching clients or reaching out to new customers. It’s the follow-up where they fall down.

What Is A 5th Tuesday?
What does this mean? It means that NO Transfer Buy pulled this week.
Why do you care? Because that means that no BV flows unless you, or your organization, puts in a manual order.

Isotonix Supplements DIRECTIONS
How To MIX Our Isotonix Supplements. A simple document that you can print out and give or mail out to your customers. This is great especially if you have customers all over the country and you're not in contact with them face to face.

Top 10 Reasons To Be In Market America
Here are Top 10 Reasons why you may want to join our “UN-FRANCHISED” system by Market America:

So You Want To Get Paid
Here’s the message for today: if you fail to manage, you’ll fail to get paid.

The Young Entrepreneurs Play Book
The Play Book on Business Building With Young Entrepreneurs. Making a Play for Director & Using Young Entrepreneurs to Help



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