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*** Market America Products Testimonials *** - A collection of our Market America exclusive products testimonials and helpful client testimonials

Using Expos and Events To Grow Your Business - MULTIPLE FILES
We put together a great selection of tips, brochures, documents and information on how to use "EXPOS & EVENTS" to grow your business.

** Astaxanthin Webinar - Presented by Corporate **

** Opuvita Superfruit Fusion Webinar - Presented by Corporate **


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"Home Wellness 101" Party Tools
This is a complete "How To Host A Product Party" from your home.

Product Retail to Recruit

   * Wellness 101 Party Outline
   * Wellness 101 Party Questionnaire
   * Wellness 101 Order Form
   * Wellness 101 Product Kit Flyer (Daily Essentials/ Anti-Aging/Optimal Wellness/Fast Start)

More Documents Here: www.GoNowResource.com/Mentoring.html




Great Script When Setting Health Professionals Appointments
Thank you “Marie Grover” for putting this together. First impressions are lasting impressions. The first few minutes of an appointment will set the tone for the rest of the appointment.

Drugs & Vitamin Deficiency Chart
* Page 1
* Page 2

Isotonix Supplements DIRECTIONS
How To MIX Our Isotonix Supplements. A simple document that you can print out and give or mail out to your customers. This is great especially if you have customers all over the country and you're not in contact with them face to face.

Gene SNP Comparison
What are the Primary Benefits of Gene SNP DNA Analysis and how it compares to others.

Gene SNP Faq
Gene SNP Frequently Asked Questions

A Gene SNP Results Document
A look at what an actual Gene SNP results document looks like. Based on your genetic profile, Gene SNPTM DNA Analysis has designed a personalized Health Action Plan for you.

Isotonix Advantages
A chart that shows you the Advantages to our Isotonix

Patient Survey
A sample patient survey that can be customized for EACH practice


Sugar Content - This is a different way of showing sugar content

Water or Soda - This is a MUST READ

OPC-3 Bioflavonoid Study
Improvements in circulation and in cardiovascular risk factors with a proprietary Isotonic Bioflavonoid Formula OPC-3.

John Hopkins Cancer Update - After years of telling people chemotherapy is the only way to TRY (try being the keyword) to eliminate cancer, John Hopkins is finally starting to tell everyone, "THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE WAY".

Health Survey Form
Use this form to have your potential customers fill out and find out what they need for supplements. The Health Survey is an easy way to open conversation about that OPC can do for people. If you print these and have them with you, you never know when the opportunity will present itself to share.

Isotonix Advantage Presentation
A PowerPoint presentation of our Isotonix advantages and how it works.

Nutri-Physical FAQ
This answers some of the frequently asked questions about what is a Nutri-Physical, how was is created and what it can do for you. A great tool to get people to your web portal.

Sign In Sheet
This Sign In Sheet can be used at expos or events to capture peoples names and email address.