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** EMAIL INVITE TEMPLATES - Send An Invitation To Your New Website
(How To Invite People To Your New Website) - This INVITE email template can be use to send to your potential customers or use it to advertise on Facebook or Craigslist. Just change the website details with your website details

Great Scripts For Asking Help To Start Motives
Glenda has put together these scripts for asking help to start your Motives business. Using these scripts: you win no matter what the response is, because you will either gain an appointment or a preferred customer.

Great Script When Setting Health Professionals Appointments
Thank you “Marie Grover” for putting this together. First impressions are lasting impressions. The first few minutes of an appointment will set the tone for the rest of the appointment.

Tony Molinaro’s Appointment Calling Scripts
I have put together these scripts to use when setting up appointments for your HBP (Home Business Presentation). REMEMBER, the whole point of this is to set the appointment, NOT to explain the business!!

Great Scripts and So Much More - by Don Martin
These are some great scripts you can use from starting your business to perfecting it. You will learn how to get started, what Market America is, your 2 minute commercial, how to approach people, how to talk to people, your goals and so much more.

Booking Appointments - by Frank
This is only for those who have difficulty booking appointments. If that applies to you, when calling someone, take a look at this.

John Josetti's 3-Way Call Scripts & 3 Way Call Approach
John Josetti has been using this approach with his team’s prospects and has been very successful. Great 3-way call scripts that can be used with anyone.

Andy Docos 3-Way Call Script
The fastest way to the money is working your names list. Here is a perfect script that you can use when setting up a 3-way call with your business partner. You can easily use it with anyone.

Portal Tour Booking Script
Here is something that we can all easily TWEAK and use with ANYONE!! I hope this helps you grow your business and I’ll see you at the TOP – “Carl T Eklund”

Our Definition Of What Is It?
Everyone has their own definition of what Market America is. SHARE your definition of What Market America Is.

Cyber Recruiting Scripts
A selection of scripts to help you with talking to prospects and help you with the recruiting process.

Warm Market Scripts
A collection of warm market scripts for people that you may know

Cold Market Scripts
A collection of cold market scripts for people you may not know

How To Talk To People
A PDF file about how to speak to people and how to communicate with them

Most Common Objections
A list of why most people object to Market America

MA Tax Deductions
A list of potential tax deductions. I would advise that you consult your accountant before using any of them although I hope that they are helpful.




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