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Directions on how people can shop from our web sites in other countries:
Always have them register as a customer best way is to do the sign in for them
Go to PARTNER STORE TAB select country to ship to this will redirect them to the stores available to them.

You will receive IBV from any purchases made

Promote Your Market America Web Portal Worldwide with ma Global

Did you know that your international customers are able to order from Partner Stores through your Web Portal via ma Global? Including countries that Market America doesn't do business with? Most Partner Stores ship to locations around the world, and that's why Market America offers ma Global — a service designed to allow your customers in any country to shop from ma Global on your Web Portal and you earn IBV!

Currently located under the "Shop Partners" page on your Market America Web Portal, ma Global can be accessed by clicking on the dropdown menu "Shipping to another country?" This dropdown displays all the countries that are supported by ma Global, and when a specific country is selected you will be taken to ma Global and an entire list of Partner Stores will be displayed that ship to that country.

Your International Preferred Customers can also view and shop from ma Global in many different languages such as: Chinese, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Market Philippines:
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Experience ma Global today and grow your customer base internationally! ma Global — across the planet, to your front door!

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