Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips! From Jay Sawyer

Hi Team, I wanted to share with you this post I found about FACEBOOK

Are you looking to meet more people? Are you looking to put more Beans in the Bean Jar?

Would you like to tap into 750,000,000 people with out leaving your home?

Do you have a strategy?

Think about this.

Spending 20 minutes a day, not 20 hours a day.

* Listening and hearing what people are talking about.

* Engage in conversation Positively (information and fun things that happen to you) Every post you make should have a picture or a link to information.

* Create a conversation that people would engage in with you. Ask a question like: I am heading to the grocery store later to day to pickup food for dinner. Does any one have any ideas for dinner?

* Respond to everything that you receive in your in box and messages. Keep your profile clean and neat. People love to be responded to, for yes I will be there, to unfortunately it will not work out in my schedule.

* Friends on average, most people on face book have 125 friends. If you have started a profile on Facebook there is a good chance you will have a friends list of 125 people. So if you do the math you have a friends base of over 15,000 people. From 125 friends that you know, they know 15,000 people. WOW!

1st thing you need to do is open a Facebook account. Set up your profile, all positive stuff about you. Make it interesting and fun. Watch what people are saying. DO NOT GO FOR A SOLUTION WITH A SALE UNTIL YOU GET TO KNOW THEM. It's the 80/20 rule ~ Post 80% of the time about you and your life, post 20% about business. If you jump on them to quickly, they will run away from you. MA has created awesome tools for social media for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Use them wisely.

Think about the Golden Rule. Would you like or respond if someone did that to you, or would you run?


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