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Health Testimonials
A collection of testimonials from A-Z. Some people like to see testimonials, this list is great to share with your customers. This is a good reference guide when someone is looking for a regiment to help assist with a condition. Don’t forget to always have them start with taking a Nutri-Physical located under the more tab on your web sites.

Testimonies for Various Conditions & Products - (You may need a Google account to view)
A collection of testimonials of various conditions and products.


Isotonix & TLS Testimonial
A message from Diane Kazer- Meet Brenda Flake Dawe! We met here on FB from a mutual friend, she wanted to get better so reached out to me. 1 year later, she's down to 2 MEDICATIONS from 15, I'm training her to be a life coach, sharing her story and inspiring others! Here is her testimonial:

"In July of 2006, I was diagnosed with a severe viral infection which required me to take a lot of Rxs daily and feel...well terrible! I was taking approximately 15 meds a day (each one 2 to 4 times a day!). Each day I was completely exhausted and I was lucky if I got out of bed to just move to the couch to watch tv. I was in consistent and terrible pain all while taking large amounts of heavy narcotics which did not seem to really provide any help. I was living in a personal hell for almost six years - no real activity to speak of because my body refused to allow any - when I was having a "good day" I would try to tackle minor things like cooking for myself, doing one load of laundry or perhaps some dishes. However, if I managed to accomplished any real physical activity I really paid for it for days and often weeks with being totally bedridden. In an effort to try and reduce my nerve pain I tried two outpatient procedures - neither worked for me at all. I was ready to have a wire inserted near my spine and an implant to disrupt the nerves - but even this drastic and scary step would only be temporary!! Then fate interceded and the beautiful Diane Kazer was brought into my life!! She introduced me to light therapy (I refer to them as my miracle lights) and a healthier lifestyle including taking daily vitamins (Isotonix band) and Transitions Lifestyle (TLS). I have incorporated these into my daily life for eight months and could not be happier. In a very short period of time, I was feeling better and had a significant reduction in pain! I did not honestly think I would ever have a day where my pain was less than an 8 on the pain scale. After all I was preparing for a major surgery and increasing the amount of pain meds in an effort to find some relief. I was not looking forward to either option - but I felt I had no other choice. With the incorporations into my life I ahve been able to reduce my Rxs from 15 to just 2!! I am hear to tell you that you do have a choice - and increasing medications is the farthest option from your actual choices. I have energy, feel a million times better not being under a Rx stupor and I am relearning how wonderful and beautiful the world is!!

I love taking vitamins and supplements that my body can actually absorb and utilize rather than peeing them down the drain! The Isotonix vitamins are in an isotonic state - meaning simply that they are the same pressure as your body. With the normal vitamin tablets/capsuals that one often takes the body is only able to absorb around 15% - hence peeing away any benefit you could be receiving. Why waste time and money when the typical vitamins are essentially useless? With the Isotonix vitamins your body is able to absorb nearly 90%!! What an incredible difference that you can truly see and feel the difference as well as enjoy the health benefits. As a vegetarian for over 20 years, countless college classes on nutrition and reading numerous nutrition books - I thought my "diet" was pretty decent. However, I was overweight and had little energy. Through the TLS system I learned about the benefits of eating low gylcemic and how easy it was to incorporate into an everyday lifestyle - for the first time in my life I am no longer on a diet!! I make different choices that I truly enjoy and my body truly appreciates and in turn "treats me better" by providing me with energy and feeling so much better.

If you currently suffer from pain and/or want more energy and feel better than you have in years please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with some sound and time-tested advise. Take care, smile and live happy!"
Brenda Flake Dawe


Macular Degeneration
Kerry's story. His fight with "Macular Degeneration"

LINK: http://www.mybvteam.com/pdf/Macular-Degeneration-Kerry.pdf

**OPC-3 Testimonial From Our Customer - Dec. 23, 2011
As one gets older, you become more aware of what is happening with your body. I began to look for supplements that might help alleviate various creaks and pops. My brother -in-law mentioned that he was taking pycnogenol for his heart. Having had 3 heart attacks, I decided to look into it. So I Googled it and came across many reviews covering different maladies. Some said that a product called OPC 3 was the best. Needless to say I ordered the best. I also have Macular Degeneration (AMD). I had been getting injections in my eyes every 6 weeks for over 2 years. The injections stopped the progression of the disease but didn’t reverse it. I had difficulty seeing my speedometer in bright sunlight so I cut out a piece of cardboard and tried placing it between the dash and the steering wheel to create a darker area so I could read the instrument panel. It didn't work so I tossed the cardboard aside and proceeded down the road.

At this point, I had been taking OPC3 for a week. As per instructions I had doubled up on the dosage. Out of habit, I looked down at the speedometer and did a double take. I could read the speedometer!!! Talk about excited!!!

The next day was eye injection day. They always test vision to see if there have been any changes since the last visit. The vision in my right eye went from 20/100 to 20/40!! The doctor thought it was due to the injections even though nothing had changed in a year. The vision in my left eye had been messed up by a previous doctor.

If you have any friends that have this insidious disease, recommend OPC3 to them. Ironically, all the health problems that I read about OPC3 impacting, none mentioned Macular Degeneration. What a wonderful surprise this product had for me. Two years later, my vision is still 20/40 and the blurred spot in the left eye is improving. You can't truly appreciate something till you lose it.

Best Regards, Kerry

Psoriasis Testimonial
Know anyone with psoriasis?? Pass this on!! Here are some psoriasis pictures of a patient, before and after OPC-3. Incredible results !

LINK: http://www.mybvteam.com/powerpoint/psoriasis-testimonial.ppt
Best Regards, Dr. John


October, 25th 2011
I have been a Market America distributor for a year and a half. I have many preferred customers registered on my website and although I have told everyone about the benefits of shopping on my web portal, sent them Eflyers, hot deals, coupons and special offers, and emails about our Cashback feature, none of them actually made any purchases on my web portal. That is until I used Freeconferencing.com.

I started with the first 2 names on my PC contact list and set up an appointment to take them on a Shop.com web portal tour. The results were astounding. They were blown away by the cashback, one cart shopping, and comparison shopping features. At the end of the tour they were so excited, they immediately logged in to Shop.com and set up their accounts. I was thrilled by their enthusiasm.

In addition to all of this, while we were discussing holiday shopping, one of my customers indicated that her teenage daughter had developed an interest in make up. As a result, she and her daughter are looking into the Motives and Me Program and I will be her Motives Customer Manager.

Freeconferencing.com is an extremely valuable tool. I can't tell you what a difference it's made to my business already!

Carol and Ron Simon


August, 14th 2011
As I sit and reflect on my Market America career, I realize the gift that I was given when I began to work my business 17 years ago this coming November 1st. Market America has evolved so much over this time becoming what I believe to be the most powerful business venture ever created in the history of American, and world business. I have been given the gift of financial independence, and have been relieved from the daunting burden of having to perform mandatory work in a traditional job or business for over 15 years now. The life that I have been able to enjoy is one that I felt could only be part of a fairytale, but it has been my reality for all of those years. Being awarded the opportunity to earn many millions of dollars, and a monthly income of approximately $40,000 per month, is something that I never dreamed would be my story, but it is. I have been able to enjoy living my life and using my time, rather that having to spend 10 or more hours of each day tied to a world that simply eats up time and life, taking away years that may never be gotten again.

Market America has been designed and perfected so that the AVERAGE person, who wasn't born with a silver spoon in their mouth, can actually and realistically live a silver spoon lifestyle. Market America was designed for YOUR success. It is now time to act, the biggest change ever in my opinion has just taken place. With the addition of SHOP.COM, we are now able to bring a whole new business to the world, and help so many people achieve their dreams. Simply by sharing this gift with others you may live your dreams, and make those dreams become your reality. I feel if you are reading this message you are ready and willing to work, hard work is what it takes to win at any field of endeavor, but remember your efforts will be rewarded, and the results are simply staggering.

Lets hook our arms with Market America so all of us can beat the economic destiny that has been put forth for us in the world of mediocrity. Let us leave no team members behind who want to win at this quest. Lets invest quality time into quality people so we together can change the way that people shop, and how business is done. The cannon has just gone off, and the time is now, don't allow yourself to miss the wave that we may all ride together. Recruit hard, work those names lists, make those phone calls, hold those Home Business Presentations, do those follow ups, and plug into the NMTSS.

And ALWAYS REMEMBER, "You can make excuses, or you can make money, but you can't make both"
Andy Docos