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Our next local event is coming up and both Michele and I are very excited to help and train you, but we also wanted to remind everyone the importance of attending your local events. Naturally we will cover our version of the Basic 5 fundamentals of building your business, but our trainings also focus on, Facebook and social media. We will share with you the power of and demonstrate how to use the tools provided to build your business plus we will share with you ways to market your business, create new customers, leverage social media and attract new partners.


Our Next Event
Charlotte Local Event - June 1, 2013

Charlotte, NC. Local Event
Saturday, June 1, 2013
Embassy Suites Concord
Convention Center
5400 John Q. Hammons Dr. NW
Concord, NC. 28027
Contact: Cheree Culpepper
704-583-4737 (home)
704-607-4015 (mobile)
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"Listen To These Testimonials Below From Previous Local Seminars"

Beth Black

Pam Bowling

Keith Doyle


Phil Guido

Lynn Mitschke

Amber Yang

Topics That Will Be Covered

* The Basic 5 Fundamentals
* How To Use And Market Your Web Portal To Build Your Business
* Retailing
* Trend Shops
* eGifts
* My List
* Portal Tours
* A LIVE Segment (We will go LIVE with our presentation, so you don't want to miss this)
* Leveraging Social Media To Grow Your Business
* The DO's And DONT's Of Facebook Plus Utilizing Facebook For Business
* Questions & Answers Segments
* and so much more...


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